How to obtain Turkish citizenship by owning a property

Own a property in one of the most beautiful countries in the world and obtain its citizenship for $ 250,000:

The Turkish government has reduced the minimum required to be invested by buying a property with the aim of obtaining Turkish citizenship to at least 250,000 dollars instead of one million dollars, provided that it is not sold or transferred for three years. It also included real estate under construction (incomplete), so that a naturalization application could be submitted based on its purchase.

Documents required to obtain Turkish citizenship by owning a property:
A valid passport.
Tax number.
The evaluation report from the Land Registry Department.
Title deed.
Reach in full payment of $ 250,000 or more.
There are other documents and documents that the lawyer prepares and attaches to the application file for citizenship.
Stages of obtaining Turkish citizenship by owning a property:
The first stage: Purchase of the property with obtaining the evaluation and letter of approval.
The second stage: obtaining the investor's residency.
The third stage: submitting an application for obtaining citizenship.
An experienced real estate agent and lawyer is recommended to walk through the previous stages in order to avoid any error.

Basic conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment:
The property value must not be less than $ 250,000.
You can apply for Turkish citizenship through real estate that was owned in Turkey in installments, and the payment for it started after 01/12/2017 and I received its ownership document after 09/19/2018.
The property can be purchased from a foreign or Turkish citizen, provided that it is not related to the buyer.
The property cannot be purchased from a company registered in Turkey owned by the buyer or one of his relatives.
Obtaining the evaluation from the Real Estate Department (Tabu) at the real price of the property, noting that the validity period of the evaluation does not exceed three months.
The valuation amount should not be higher than the purchase amount, taking into account the existence of VAT, so that the valuation value is equal to the purchase price without tax.
That the investor has obtained the title deed of the property or a promise to sell contract certified by the notary and registered with the Land Registry and that the price has been fully transferred.
The transfer notification should be $ 250,000 and above from the buyer's personal account to the owner or project account, while avoiding the transfer through agencies. In the event of buying from a project, it should be noted that the name of the account holder to whom he is transferred is different from the name of the property owner, where in this case a document must be requested that proves the relationship between them (depending on whether the land is owned by the project or to an external owner).
The transfer notification must include an explanation of the reason for the transfer (for example, buying a property).
The notice must be certified by the authority that issued it, for example the bank.
The requirement to present a bank receipt in applications for citizenship through the property that was purchased from joint companies with the public sector, such as TOKİ and Emlak Konut, has been exempted.
People who purchased a property worth $ 1 million as of 01/12/2017 are not obligated to prove their payments through bank receipts. This advantage applies even if the property is purchased from private persons or companies.
The citizenship application can be submitted during or after the transfer of ownership with an indication that the property has been purchased in order to benefit from the Nationality Law and a pledge not to sell for a period of three years.
In the event that there is a mortgage on the property, it must be lifted within five days from the date of purchase, to benefit from it by applying for citizenship (it is preferable to raise it before the transfer of ownership).
There is no timeframe for the purchase, that is, it is possible to buy more than one property with extended periods of time in order to obtain citizenship, with attention to making a new evaluation of all properties upon submitting the application.
In the event of buying a property in installments or under construction:
All installments must be paid before submitting the application.
Obtaining an elevated title deed (Kat Irtifaki), which is a title deed proving the ownership right of the owner of the bond in the building that will be constructed or that will be constructed over a specific piece of land, and it is fixed in the records of the Real Estate Department (Tabu), and the location and number of each section are mentioned From him and to those who own it, and in the event of completion of the project or construction with the approval of the housing unit from the municipality (if it meets the Turkish standard conditions and standards), the easement deed turns into a complete title deed.
There is no mortgage on it (if there is one, it must be ensured that it can be raised).
After meeting the previous conditions, the Tabu Department submits the application to the General Department of the Land Registry and the Land Registry, which in turn studies the application and sends an email bearing the letter of authentication or conformity (Uygun Bilgisi), which states that the property or real estate purchased with the paid value conforms to the stipulated conditions. It is required by law to obtain Turkish citizenship.

Notes about value-added tax:

The value-added tax is usually equal to 1% or 8% of the sale value depending on the type of property and is imposed on every sale in Turkey and collected by the tax department from the seller, who in turn collects it from the buyer.

For foreigners, there is an exemption from the added tax with the following conditions:

That there is no official residence in Turkey.
He must be the first owner of the property, i.e. he receives it directly from the construction company.
That he has not had an actual residence in Turkey for more than 180 days.
Not selling the property for a year.
The identification papers of the above are provided and the tax exemption application is submitted, and in the event of a desire to obtain Turkish citizenship, the tax exemption application must be submitted and obtained before applying for the investor residency.

Some exceptions to ownership in Turkey:
The following nationalities are not entitled to own property in Turkey:

North Korea.
The reason for this prohibition is due to very old historical wars and agreements dating back to the founding period of the Turkish and Syrian republics, so many Syrians establish companies in Turkey on the basis of which they can buy and own, and accordingly, the Syrians become owners of the companies that own the property and not the property directly.

Holders of the aforementioned nationalities must go to other options to obtain Turkish citizenship.

As for the Russians and Ukrainians, they have the right to own property in all of Turkey, except for real estate along the Black Sea coast. The same applies to the Greeks in addition to some areas in the Aegean Sea in Turkey.

There are nationalities who can buy apartments and offices only and are Morocco, Latvia, Afghanistan and Albania, and they are not allowed to own agricultural lands.

Palestinians were allowed to own real estate from the owners of Lebanese, Egyptian, and Iraqi documents, provided that the owner of the document obtained a residence permit from the Immigration Department, and the Foreigners Affairs Department announced that this feature allows Palestinians to apply for Turkish citizenship in exchange for real estate investment.

Advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship:
The Turkish economy is one of the 20 most powerful economies in the world, which opens up various investment opportunities for you.
The Turkish passport is ranked 38th in the world for the year 2019, and its holder is entitled to travel to 71 countries without a visa, and to 44 countries by obtaining a visa upon arrival automatically, and two countries also grant visas directly and routinely through the Internet.
The possibility of medicine and education at prices lower than most neighboring countries, and with internationally rated quality.
The increasing and growing investment advantages in Turkey with facilities for Turkish citizenship holders.
Family members of a foreign investor under the age of 18 are granted the right to obtain Turkish citizenship with the investor.
Features of real estate investment in Turkey:
The presence of affordable investment opportunities with high feasibility for foreign investors resulting from the temporary decline in the value of the Turkish lira, which caused a sharp relative decline in real estate prices compared to the US dollar.
The advantages of Turkish citizenship as a result of these investments.
There is no requirement in the investment law for the purpose of obtaining citizenship that specifies the type of real estate invested, meaning that the foreign investor has the freedom to choose what he deems appropriate, such as residential, commercial, land and other properties.
Real estate can be purchased in comfortable installments, provided that the citizenship application is submitted after completing the installments (if desired).
The geographical location of Turkey and its concentration between the Arab and Western countries, in addition to its economic strength and tourist attraction.
Enjoying the benefits of housing or being disabled in Turkey, which is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.
Ease of renting, investing or reselling the property due to the boom in the real estate market in Turkey.
Other options for obtaining Turkish citizenship:
Investing by establishing a company: with a value of $ 500,000, provided the amount is entered from abroad.
Investment through bank deposit: where the minimum deposit in Turkish banks for the purpose of obtaining citizenship has become $ 500,000 instead of $ 3 million, provided that the deposit is made for a period of three years without withdrawal or modification.
Investing through the purchase of government bonds: The minimum purchase amount for government bonds with the aim of obtaining citizenship has become $ 500,000 instead of $ 3 million, provided that the purchase is made for a period of three years without withdrawal or modification.
Investing by employing Turkish employees: The minimum number of Turkish employees for the purpose of obtaining citizenship has become 50 employees instead of 100 employees for a period of at least six months.
A wife who does not hold any of the nationalities prohibited from owning in Turkey can invest in a property of $ 250,000 and above, and accordingly, she grants citizenship to the husband and children under 18 years