Skydive Dubai

 United Arab Emirates
 10th Aug

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Skydive Dubai was established in 2010 when Dubai hosted the region's first World Paragliding Championships. Today Skydive enjoys an excellent reputation for safety and expertise, and is one of the world's leading skydivers.

If you are looking to do some unusual and exciting activities in Dubai, the best option is to go on a skydiving trip with Skydive, and rest assured that you are in safe hands and accompanied by experienced professionals.


Skydive Dubai experience

  • Your experience begins at SkyDive Dubai where, upon arrival, you will be asked to fill out the necessary documents and take a brief medical examination that includes weighing and measuring your BMI.
  • Half an hour before the flight, you will meet the coach/tandem partner who will brief you on the sport, make sure you are harnessed and provide you with all the necessary instructions.
  • The person with the camera will conduct a short interview for you before take off. Remember to smile, it will be in your video skydiving.
    In the boarding area, there will be a final equipment check and photo taking.
  • As you travel to the diving altitude, you will be greeted with massive views of Dubai, the Palm Islands and the surrounding areas. Total flight time to altitude diving is 20 minutes. This is your last 20 minutes to cool off before you take the jump.
  • Once the plane reaches 13,000 feet, you will be secured to your expert instructor in tandem and with you with the flyer camera, you will exit the plane and you will fall free for about 60 seconds, and the speed is up to 120 mph!
  • At 6,000 feet, the parachute will deploy and over the next five minutes it will gently descend to the ground, all while taking in some truly amazing views of Dubai.
  • After landing and post-jump interview, the experience will be over. You will be able to collect the video of the jump and any other memorabilia from the store in the center.


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